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Technical and industrial translation

Technical manuals / product specifications / price-lists/ certifications / safety data sheets / software strings / product catalogues / commercial brochures

This sector comprises all technical texts, from the classic user and maintenance manual to operating instructions, right through to the most elaborate product price-lists. The main feature of these texts is the highly specialised, specific nature of each manufacturing industry’s terminology.

It follows that the translation of these texts requires familiarity not only with the languages but also with the specific sector of industry. Generally in order to achieve a “workmanlike” final product, glossaries are compiled for these types of texts and are agreed upon from time to time with the customer.

In addition, a dedicated archive of translation memories for each individual client enables us to maintain terminological consistency over time and draw on past material as and when needed. This enables the customer to make substantial savings for example on the translation of technical manuals, which do not have to be re-written but simply updated.


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