Proof-reading and LSO

If a text is going to be published, either online and as a hard copy, it is extremely important to check the final layout before printing or releasing it. This applies to the source text as well as to translations: this check is called proof-reading or language sign-off.

Drafts are checked for typos and errors in formatting or punctuation. If the text is translated into several languages, checks are made for consistency in translation choices and layout in all versions.

The formatting of a translated text is a delicate stage during which errors or problems may arise that are difficult to spot without a good command of the language. It is also possible that once formatted, the translated text may not be vivid enough, it may be too long or too short or not in keeping with the images chosen.

In this case too, revisers are involved to correct any small flaws and apply the finishing touches so that websites, brochures, books and catalogues can achieve their final shape.


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