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Advertising translation means shaping a message to fit the specific culture of the target country so that it has the desired impact on its intended audience. Advertising translation requires the adaptation of the mechanisms used in the original copy to assure the same effect on the target audience in the chosen country.

This specialist field comprises all copy aimed at publicising products, companies, events and websites. Such texts have been subjected to meticulous attention in the choice of words and style, with the aim of making a significant impact on the reader.

The sector also includes creative translation, or the rewriting of a text in a foreign language for a foreign culture. The text is adapted to the culture of the target audience and displays no traces of translation.

Creative translation is essential to adapt foreign texts, particularly in the fields of advertising and marketing. It may deploy expressions that are very different from the original, but which are perfectly appropriate, meaningful and effective in conveying the original concept.

This service allows clients to evaluate the various translation options (e.g. in the case of headlines, payoffs, etc.) and choose the one most appropriate for the local culture that best expresses the original message.


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