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We have made specialist translations our primary strength, along with expertise and dedication to our profession.

We value individual skills as a means of achieving the best collaborative result. Our group is founded on close co-operation fostered over many years of experience working together.

Our Team

INTRA is a successful company with more than thirty years of experience exclusively in the field of translation and international communication. Our proven team of specialists, all native speakers with excellent linguistic and technical skills, is our greatest asset. Companies seeking professional competence and reliability know they can trust INTRA.

Distinctiveness on the market

We are not an agency, but a professional studio attentive to all aspects of the production process and capable of guaranteeing a high degree of accuracy. The most satisfactory results are directly proportional to the length of the partnership with the client and the knowledge of the company’s philosophy and products.

We are very proud of our many years of service to major business groups. Our strategy is aimed at the pursuit of excellence in our service, assuring our clients great added value.

Our history

Our history dates back to the time when no one ever read anyone else’s history on a screen, with the exception of television, of course. An enterprising woman, her boundless love of languages and the written word, and her enthusiasm: these are the ingredients that combined to create INTRA in the 1980s, turning a dream into reality. INTRA was founded when translation agencies were still a rarity and the profession of translator relatively unknown. Our history witnessed the slow but constant growth of that first seed.

Since then communication has become increasingly international, just like the world around us.
Those of us who work with words have been able to enjoy a first-hand view of the development of technology, due to its close connections with word processing.


They were delivered by hand and by courier, by post, fax and modem, and finally in real time via e-mail or a virtual shared area. Progress has accompanied us and we have always followed it, consistently keeping up with the times and seeking to evolve, always ready to update and improve our service.

Today INTRA is a successful company vaunting over 30 years of experience and drawing on a proven team of specialists, all native speakers with excellent linguistic and technical skills.
This is what makes us a benchmark for companies seeking professional competence and reliability.
In an age in which anyone’s history can be read on a screen, the ingredients that make up our work remain the same: women, enthusiasm and a love of languages and the written word.

Our philosophy

Providing certainty is our most important product, while competence and reliability are the main features that set us apart from other translation agencies.

While following this approach, our painstaking quest for improvement makes us highly exacting, first and foremost with ourselves. This strategy is aimed at actively pursuing excellence in our service, thereby assuring clients substantial added value.

We attach the same importance to the sensitive and skillful interpretation of our clients’ needs as we do to our own work. This makes us a trustworthy partner rather than a mere provider of services.


We offer flexibility, quality and the ability to provide the right solution to our clients’ varied needs. The intentionally small size but highly specialised nature of our company allows us to assure all kinds of clients a fast, effective tailor-made service that represents excellent value for money.

Our objective is not simply to provide a translation service, but to help our clients optimise their image on the international market.

We are extremely proud of the many years we have been providing services to major business groups.


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